Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nice Time at Ho Kitchen

Thu 17 May 07, dinner time, we went to 5 star restaurant at Ho Kitchen on Mang-jai road. The first class seafood restaurant and most of product import form oversea. Lobster from Austria, Boston Lobster, King crap- biger than in San Francisco and Hoi-Nhan-Chang. Weigths per one trunk it about 4-6 kilograms, price 300 Baht per 100 grams. very expensive haa! The temperature storage for fresh seafood is about 11-degree Celsius. wow! very very cool.

Everything was very big and freshly. Where we ordered Phoo-Pad-Pug-Ka-Ree, Kana-Naam-Mon-Hoi, Kai-share-Law and Pra-Mug-Nang-Ma-Now. Good portion and taste was very really nice! We had a nice dinner together, Thank you sweetheart.
We met NumThip (supermodel) and her boy friend at there. She's very tall, thin and so cute. She's my Idol.

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