Sunday, June 10, 2007

DCA Finance Conference in Hong Kong (13-16May07)
Sun 13 May 07-BKK to Hong Kong

My sweetie drove me to Suvarnabhumi airport at 8.30am. My flight is TG628 from BKK at 10.40am and arrival Hong Kong at 14.30pm (Approx. 3hr). It was very long queue at TG check-in and seem nobody work at the counter. I am so curious what happened? After waiting for 40 minute the information center said a notice, it’ was electricity shut down. But I don’ think so because it’s still lighting. Anyway I can check-in and flying on time. The flight was not so smooth like silk but it ok. I slept for 1 hour. Cof-feee!

Hong Kong is not much difference from my first visit, and of course they are number one of shopping county in Asia. This is my second times in Hong Kong, first time with my sweetie for his conference and our trip for one week (in August 2005). We stayed at Park Lane Hotel, Causeway Bay area for 5 nights and at The Knutsford by swiss-belhotels, Kowloon for 2 nights. When we were there, we took a ferry from Hong Kong to Ocean terminal shopping center, Harbor City, The Peak at night time, Star Avenue, night lighting show and many attraction locations in Hong Kong and Kowloon. We had a great time there and we had try many kind of local food, mandarin duck, Shrimp Wonton soup, Fat noodle with meat ball and meat gruel. Our favorite is meat gruel for breakfast and fat noodle with meat ball for the dinner. It’s a small local restaurant near by the Knutsford hotel. The taste was perfect, good portions and reasonable price. It’s about HK$25. we enjoy so much eating!

We (me and my boss) arrived at JW Marriott hotel about 4.00pm. Taxi cost is about HK$300, I check-in and unpack and then called my college. Yuli she is form DC Indonesia. I am called her for sightseeing, window shopping and for the dinner at Causeway Bay area. I was very familiar to that area it because of my first trip there with my sweetheart!

Yuli looking for the hand fan for her friends and I was wonder why she want to buy hand fan from Hong Kong. I was asked her it’s unique? And she said no no, it’s not a unique, but it’s because of good quality. The price it’s about HK$45, not cheaper! Am not interesting, am looking for dopod pocket and after shave for my sweetie. I couldn’t found the outlets who sales the dopod pockets in Causeway Bay area. Unbelievable!

After 1 hour walked and we so much hungry, then we found the restaurants for our dinner. We didn’t know which the good one is. We try the one which is extremely crowded people in there. And we stop at CHEE KIE restaurants near by time square Building. It’s Chinese noodle. Yuli ordered fish ball noodle and for me is Shrimp Wonton Soup + Master Green (Ka-Na-Nam-Mon-Hoi). Yuli is not ok with her ordered because of Fish Ball is smelly and taste is not nice. But for me it’s was very good taste and best quality compared with my first try in Kowloon (my first trip with my lovely boy). So my bill is about HK$45 for my food. Amm! Took-lae-Dee Jing-Jing na (recommend). We spent time for dinner about half hour, some chit chat about works and general.
After got an energy, we start walked for night sightseeing, window shopping. We went to many Sasa outlets, am looking for after shave but out of stock. And then we entered to the Lane Crawford shopping center, I bought after shave for my sweetheart, that’s all for the shopping. Then we head back to JW Marriott hotel about 9.30pm by taxi. It’s about HS$23 from Causeway Bay.

Mon 14 May 07-Conference at JW Marriott

I waked up at 6.00am, Thailand time is about 5.00am behind Hong Kong time for 1 hour. 7.30am. has breakfast in front of the conference room. A bit disappointed for breakfast. It’s look like coffee break snack, it’s not really breakfast.

Conference start form 8.30am to 7.30pm. Lunch time was very nice time and the food was very nice taste. A lot of seafood, Alaska crab, lobster, many kind of Fish cooking with Chinese style, broccoli steam and of course very nice cake and ice cream. Ha-haa Fat again!! Nice time was flying by so quickly and we have to back to the conference at 1.30pm

After conference, I went back to my room took some rest and enjoy the nice view from my room. I took some picture from my room. U can see the Kowloon side, Star avenues, Wanchai area which is a lot of building and hilly view back of the hotel. My requested for king size bed and non smoking floor but still some time smoke and very bad smell. It's 5star hotel but why they have not strictly for this cause. The room not too big area but it is comfortable.

6.30pm Bus pick-up at the hotel and we went to The Foreign Correspondent’s Club for group dinner and given award for the best performance country. Bus took about 30 minute from JW Marriott hotel to the Club, on Wyndham Street, Central area. We took some group pictures at the Italian restaurants. They first serve lobster soup and then many kind of Italian food buffet. I only love meat steak, it's was very nice taste. No award for Thailand at this time! Haa! Hardly to say!

9.30pm after dinner, Susanna assistance (I can’t remember her name..). She very nice lady and she is our guide tour to Mong Kok. We went to Mong Kok (Kowloon side) for shopping and night sightseeing. We went there for total 11person by MTR from Central station to Mong Kok station, cost about HK$11 per one trip. My planned for to night is find dopod pocket (my sweetie dopod). Joan, she is my best friend form DC Taiwan and she helps me a lot to find the outlets for this stuff. And we found only one shop on Yuen Street.
I bought 1 black pocket-cost HK$130 and 1 screen protection-cost HK$40 (cash). Am looking for O2 pocket for my sweetheart too, but they not enough cash, they are not accepted credit card. So sorry about that naja honey!.... I was so much tried from a lot walked with high-heeled shoes. Then 11 we went back to the hotel at late night and it’s was easy sleep.

Tue 15 May 07-Conference at JW Marriott

9.00am to 4.30pm for today conference. We has snack for breakfast same as the day before. But I skip breakfast it is because of nice lunch menu waiting! My first try for Japanese sea shell, its look like Thai Hoi-Klonk but taste was very nice and I so much enjoy for today lunch menu. Especially sea food, big shrimp, Claws of crap.

5.00pm. after conference, we went to DC Hong Kong office. Mila, Baby, Jo Videna, Joyce, Celine, Yuli and myself. And we went to Tai Koo Shing UNY Shop for shopping. I bought some bakery and

7.30pm. we has group hosted by Mr.Phua for Asian countries, dinner venue at JW's California Restaurant, very nice place and nice food. My ordered is medium rare stake with artichokes. I love stake, taste was very nice but I eat a little of my food. (u can see in the picture, that all I can eat) It’s because of …so terrible and we had very bad experience for that dinner time! I don’t want to mention! So let it be. We was spend very bad dinner time about 4 hours and after dinner we went down to the hotel lobby for chit chat, and back to the room after that. HAA! I had nightmare!

Wed 16 May 07-Hong Kong to Bangkok

I got up at late, has banana and red apple for breakfast. Then took some picture at the swimming pool, at hotel lobby they has a big flowerpot with very nice Lily and Orchids I like that colors and aromatic.

9.30am check-out and took taxi to the airport. Our flight is TG601 from HK at 12.45pm to BKK at 14.25pm local time. Less crowded people at that day, weather was ok, no raining. I took a lot of picture at Hong Kong airport, very clean area and nice Orchid plant there. a lot of high hill surround the airport. And I took the picture from the top view. Let guess which picture at Hong Kong top view and which one at Suvarnabphum airport top view!

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